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Founder - Shiv Shankar Raha

Shiv Shankar Raha founded SSRT Labs LLC in order to develop technologies and applications to provide the latest generation of Enterprise Applications to meet the changing and fast growing needs of organizations and help them effectively gain global competitiveness.

He has over 30 years of Sales, Development, Consulting and Management experience in the Enterprise Software Industry and has been involved in the successful implementation of over 200 Enterprise Solution projects ranging from the small single branch roll outs to large multi-million dollar projects.

In addition to his responsibilities at SSRT Labs LLC, Mr. Raha also serves as Director of Intelligent Business Computer Systems India Pvt. Ltd. and Peobrics Software Pvt. Ltd., a Cloud based Software Solution provider for emerging markets, which he also co-founded.

Prior to embarking on his own ventures, he served in various Regional Senior Management roles in US Multinational Technology Companies as
The Vice President of R&D at Viewlocity Asia Pacific and Director of Customer Service at PeopleSoft South Asia, heading their Consulting, Training and Customer Support business units for the region out of Singapore.

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India in 1985.

India Partner - Intelligent Business Computer Systems India Pvt Ltd

IBC Cube Solutions are marketed and maintained in India by Intelligent Business Computer Systems India Pvt Ltd. The Company provides pan-India sales, installation and service coverage for IBC Cube Devices.

Business Partner - Peobrics Software Pvt Ltd

Peobrics Software Pvt. Ltd. provides Cloud Infrastructure and Technology Support for IBC-Cube Cloud applications and also uses IBC-Cube Devices for providing the Peobrics Resource Management Solution for emerging markets with their Industry Solutions.

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